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Welcome to Pagan.US

You can call me Cian. I am what I call, for lack of a better term, an Elemental Pagan. Within this site, you will find information about what I believe. I have also attempted to include as much information pertaining to other Pagan paths as possible. I try to avoid information from the "how to" books, preferring instead to provide descriptions of the various practices and beliefs from the point of view of an everyday practitioner. I do not cast circles; however, you will find a circle casting ritual listed under "Wicca" in Paths. I am not Wiccan, but you will find a Wiccan Self-Dedication ritual, also in the "Wicca" section. Most of the information on this site not related to Elemental Paganism has been provided by past and present members of The Pagan Forest; our message board.

This website will continue to grow and change just as the plains and forests do with the turning of the wheel. This is our 8th redesign so far.

Will this site be here forever? Who knows. I'd like to think so. I've never been one to fool myself, though. I'm just a guy, this is just another web site (although better in many ways, I like to think), and this path is just my path. Whether anyone else follows my path is not important. It is just important for me to offer it as an option to those who are still trying to find their way.

Walk in Beauty, Cian Sléibhín