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January 31, 2003 c.e.

Is it really 2003 already?

Time for Geritol

     Maybe I'm getting old, but didn't we just get through the Y2K scare a few months ago? So how is it that it is already 2003? It must be true about the mind going when you get older. I've lived in this house for 2 years now, yet not much work has been done, and I still have stuff in boxes from the move. I think someone has been screwing with the calendar. Does anyone remember details from March of 2002? I don't. I think someone stole it! I think we went straight from February to April. But wait....I don't remember April, either! Someone has a lot to answer for. When you get to be my age, you don't want to miss any days at all, let alone entire months. I demand an official government inquiry!

New Stuff

     Normally, I would mention new stuff here, but there really hasn't been any. The Grove went away due to negligence and other factors, and I redecorated Forest Paths, but that is about it for the new stuff. We've had a few new people show up, and a few people leave; just like any other forest.

State of the Forest

     I've noticed several people from the Forest MIA list over at Safe Haven, and that is fine. Obviously, the Forest can't be for everyone, as we are a rather strange lot. The entire reason that there are many different pagan message boards is because people are different. At its most basic level, the Forest is a nature/hangin' with your buddies/pagan message board; in that order. For those who want a message board that caters to the "Universal Mysteries, shrouded in shadows, incense-burning" set, there is the Realm. For those with Celtic leanings, there is The Celtic Connection, although it has become more of an "I'm 13 and Wiccan! My Mom doesn't approve!" type of board in the last few years. There are, however, several adults there who enjoy a good laugh and bring up some interesting topics. For those who seek community support and "life-affirmations", there is Safe Haven. For those who want to be rude to everyone else, and bask in their own superiority, there is Wicca.nu (that's just my opinion from my brief stay there). No matter what your preferences are, there is likely a message board out there somewhere to fit your personality. The Forest has continually maintained a population of about 40. That seems pretty good to me. No, I don't wish to seek world domination and total conquest over the entire online pagan community. I feel that 40-50 would be a perfect number for our little cyber-home. Of course, that's partly because I'm lazy, and more people would mean more work. :) Primarily though, with a smaller population, the Forest retains it's small village feel. I know all of you, and I like it that way.

     I am still debating about adding a parenting/kitchen witch-type forum. It is something that I think we need. If anyone is interested in moderating such a forum, email me.

Personal Stuff

     There isn't really a lot to add here. I've started gutting the room upstairs that will become my library, complete with wall-to-wall built-in bookshelves, and I started the "spoof" site IndyStar.net, but that's about it for my productivity. Working on web pages all day makes me want to not do it during my time off.


     Well, it's been over a year, and I STILL don't have the BOS completed. This will be my last public plea for BOS material. If any of you have sabbat rituals you would like to share, Please send them to me. As I am getting desperate, I'll even post a favorite sabbat ritual that you've read elsewhere, rather than strive for all-original material. The other option is that I just remove the sabbat/esbat part of the BOS, an option that isn't entirely unappealing.

     That ends our newsletter for Jan/Feb. The newsletter is published roughly "whenever I feel like it," so don't wait around for it. :)

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