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September 5, 2005 c.e.

Remember When You Used to Get These Newsletters?

What a Year! (or two)

You were probably thinking (hoping) that you'd never see another of these newsletters, weren't you? Well, tough. I've been negligent. So much has happened since the last newsletter...I mean a LOT has happened. Of course, it HAS been 2 years, so that's to be expected. This also reminds me that it's been 2 years....and most of you have been here that entire time. I think the Forest has to have some of the most tenacious members to have stayed as long as y'all have. Several of you have been here since the beginning. (Which was very close to 9/11) Has it really been that long since 9/11 happened? The Forest seems like it's been here forever, but 9/11 seems like only months ago....

For those who weren't aware, our anniversary is on September 23, 2005. 4 years. That's the official date for the Forest. It actually came into being before that, but the full, legal version of UBB didn't appear until that date. Therefore, I set the anniversary date as 9/23.

That means I've been in this house for 4 years now, too. I moved in on May 31, 2001. Wow. Amazing how much can happen in 4 years.

A Brief Recap...

What's happened since the last newsletter? Erm....a lot. Most of you already know all of it, so you can skip this part if you wish.

Well, Anna and I got together around Halloween of 2002. I dumped her before a year had passed. Funny how dreams never turn out how you think, eh? Nightmare, more like. That was a pretty miserable period of my life. Expensive, too. It reinforced my belief that stupid people shouldn't breed. $5000 worth of damage to my home and truck later, I am a much wiser person.

There was, of course, my brief-but-intense relationship with Sheri. This one reinforced my belief that all women are evil, and that I should avoid them if at all possible. For those who weren't around then, Sheri suddenly decided that she didn't have time for a boyfriend. ie: it was a summer romance. She went back to IU for her medical degree and had no time. Seems she might have thought of that before we got together....

I was working at accessIndiana when the last newsletter came out. That lasted until July 2004, when I was invited to an "exit strategy meeting". After that, I was unemployed until November of that year. In November, I was hired for an I.T. deployment that took me all over the country. Our first stop was Lexington Kentucky, followed by Memphis Tennesee. Then the project was put on hold while bugs were worked out. I didn't work again until late January.

Our next location after the project resumed was Springboro Ohio. Next was St.Louis Missouri, which was actually far from St. Louis.... we stayed in Arnold Missouri. I dubbed the Missouri Adesa as "Adeser". It even spawned a line of products that are still in my CafePress store. It was in the BOONIES! I enjoyed it, though.

Our next location was Houston Texas. I had a blast in Houston. Unfortunately, I also got sick....which stayed with me for the rest of the project. Next was Portage Wisconsin. We all missed the flight cut-off time (by 3 minutes!), so I drove to Portage. While there, I met Tomas and generally had a good time. Portage is an awesome town. The hotel we stayed at was also the best one of the entire project, in my opinion.

Our next trip was to Ocala Florida. I've always hated Florida. It's too hot, too crowded with old people who can't drive, and gets "redecorated" by hurricanes far too frequently. I enjoyed Ocala, though. Next was Mercer Pennsylvania. I enjoyed Mercer, too. Then came San Antonio. Mmmmm.....Mexican Food! I love Mexican food. REAL Mexican food. San Antonio was a little stressful though....the General Manager of that location was notorious for being a prick. In the end though, it was a baseless worryl he gave us a glowing review.

Our next destination was Calgary (Airdrie) Alberta. Wow. What a place. I enjoyed my time in Airdrie very much. I hated getting there, though. Our flight went from Indianapolis to Houston. Then from Houston to Calgary. That's a lot of flying. Airdrie was gorgeous, though. I wish I had had more time so I could have driven to Banff. The people in Airdrie were great, and we met the coolest General Manager of any of the locations. He gave us Adesa marketing stuff, bought our meals, and was just a great guy.

Next was Boston. The Adesa in Boston is in an old GM factory. A very large GM factory. I don't like Boston. It was dirty, huge, fast-paced, and the people had some of the worst attitudes I've ever encountered. To hell with Boston.

Hmmm....I've missed Atlanta somewhere. I've been going by my itinerary emails, and now I seem to remember the Atlanta one not showing up. Throw Atlanta in there somewhere. Atlanta was great. The people were friendly (although all of the women wore WAY too much make-up), and the weather was nice. It was winter still in Indiana (barely), so we might have been down there in March.

Last, for me, was Vancouver. I can't say enough about Vancouver. Well, yes I can. Vancouver itself sucks. It should be called Chinatown. We had to actually SEARCH for a restaurant that WASN'T a Chinese restaurant. Vancouver itself isn't very attractive, either. It's rather depressing, actually. Our Adesa location was in Richmond. That was a little better. But what a difference a little drive makes..... On the last day, we visited West Vancouver. The other guys had been there twice already, but by this time I was completely out of it. I was still sick from Houston, and the flying had made my eardrums swell up with fluid. I couldn't hear, had a headache from hell, and was generally miserable. West Vancouver made me forget that for a while. The town itself is gorgeous. We stopped at a little Mom and Pop store, got a few supplies, then headed to Lighthouse Park. We hiked around in there for a while, then stood and watched the water for quite a while. From there we went to the Red Lion. If you're ever within a 500 mile radius of West Vancouver, drive to the Red Lion. The food blew away what we had eaten at any of the 5 star restaurants we ate at previously. The Guinness was ice cold and delicious. The Scotch....Oh yes, the Scotch....... 15 year old Scotch of the finest calibre. I was in heaven. The owner and the chef were very friendly, and invited us back - free of charge. Too bad we had to fly out the next morning. The waitress/hostess/manager was awesome, too. She kept the drinks full, and took the time when she could to talk to us and joke with us. Did I mention that it was very underpriced? My total (after conversion) with a $10 tip was $27. That includes a Guinness and the Scotch. I didn't eat cheap, either.

Our next location was Montreal. I didn't go. My eardrums could explode at any time, and I wasn't too thrilled about experiencing that, so I ended the project after Vancouver. Nothing could have compared to it, anyway. And I hate Montreal. St. John's was the last location though, and I had really wanted to go there. In the end, it was for the best. It took 3 weeks for my hearing to return to normal.

So, at the beginning of May I was again unemployed. I'd made quite a bit of money though, so I was set for a while, right? Uh huh. Mom came up with several emergencies, and within a month, I was broke. Luckily, one of the things I had done was to buy a lot of computer parts for my store. My eBay store supported me for the next month. After that, y'all here in the Forest supported me via the raffle/fund-raiser I had.

At the end of July, I started working as a Graphic Designer at Greencastle Offset Printing. As of Friday, I resigned. The posts in the Forest explain why.

So, there's the past two years in summary. lol. I am once again unemployed, in pretty poor health, and sharing my house with only a cat and my own ghosts.


I've come up with a couple of new recipes, so I thought I'd include them for those daring enough to try them. :o) They're simple and cheap; both of which are important things to me.

Quick Apple Turnover Things

  1. Preheat oven to 375F
  2. Peel and slice the apple however you see fit. Combine the chopped apple, sprinkle of sugar (probably a teaspoon or two would be about right....I don't measure things),cinnamon, Vanilla extract, nutmeg, and 1 Tbsp water in a small saucepan and cook over medium heat.
  3. When apples have started to soften, add the carmel and cook until "gooey".
  4. On a baking sheet lay out the crescent roll dough. Most cans have 8 pieces, so you'll end up with 4 turnovers. Stretch the dough however you want...I stretch them out as far as I can so that there's enough to seal them reasonably well, and so that they don't "puff up" too much.
  5. Spoon equal amounts of the apple mixture on 4 of the pieces, then cover with the remaining four pieces. Pinch together the edges, cut 2 or 3 slots in the top with a knife, then throw them in the oven until they're lightly brown and the "goop" is bubbling through the slots - usually about 10-12 minutes.
  6. Remove from the oven, and sprinkle lightly with powdered sugar.
  7. Let them cool briefly, then dig in.
  8. Go to hospital to have heart re-started.

    Healthy, Fast & Cheap Stuffed Veggies

    • Ingredients
      • 2 Fresh Bell Peppers
      • 2 Fresh Tomatoes
      • 1 medium onion
      • 1 can Diced Potatoes
      • 1 can Italian Green Beans
      • Italian Seasoning
      • Shredded Carrots (optional)
      • Minced Garlic
      • Olive Oil
      • V8 Juice (I use the low sodium kind)

    1. Preheat oven to 400F
    2. Cut the tops off of the Bell Peppers (Cut about 1 inch off) and clean out the inside. Put peppers in an oven-safe dish.
    3. Cut all of the useable pepper from the top pieces, and dice it.
    4. Heat Olive oil in a Wok or skillet.
    5. Put the diced pepper, some shredded carrots (amount is up to you), minced garlic, and half of the potatoes in the Wok or skillet. Sautee lightly, stirring constantly.
    6. Sprinkle with Italian seasoning.
    7. Divide the mixture between the 2 peppers, stuffing them until just level with the top.

    Clean the skillet or Wok, or use another one.

    1. Cut tops off of the tomatoes and scoop out the tomato flesh. Put tomatoes in the oven-safe dish with the peppers.
    2. Heat Olive Oil in skillet or Wok.
    3. Dice the tomato flesh, then add to the wok/skillet with the remaining potatoes, garlic, and carrots. Sautee lightly, stirring constantly.
    4. Sprinkle with Italian seasoning.
    5. Divide the mixture between the 2 tomatoes, stuffing them until just level with the top.

    Clean the skillet or Wok again, or use another one.

    1. Heat Olive Oil in skillet or Wok.
    2. Slice the onion and lightly sautee 4 onion slices with minced garlic.
    3. Remove from heat.
    4. Open can of Italian Green Beans and spread in the dish around the peppers and tomatoes.
    5. Pour V8 juice over green beans, and on top of peppers and tomatoes.
    6. Place 1 onion slice on top of each tomato and pepper. Sprinkle Italian Seasoning lightly over everything.
    7. Put dish in oven and bake for about 10 minutes.
    8. Remove dish, let cool briefly, then impress your family or guests with an impressive-looking veggie side dish.
    (Total cost for this one is around $5.00, assuming you already have olive oil and italian seasoning. Less if you grow your own green peppers, carrots, and tomatoes)

    That ends our newsletter for September. The newsletter is published roughly "whenever I feel like it," so don't wait around for it. :o)

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